watering can app

Plant Parent, Meet Your Plantsitter

* All plantsitters must pass a background check
* All plantsitters provide personal information with a detailed profile
watering can app

Imagine an app that helps you nurture
your plants


Find Plantsitter

For your next trip, be rest assured that your plants will be good in care through our app. Simply put in the dates you need watering for, and search for a 'Watering Can' that can water your plants!

Learn more about your plant species

If you don't know all the details about your plant, that's okay! We give you some guidelines on how to care for each plant.

Be a Plantsitter and earn money

Water & care for plants and make money! This is your perfect side gig, or a way to have more fun! Go on our app and become a 'Watering Can' and set your availability, and see those requests come in! 
Plant parents

Stop letting your plants die
when you're away

watering can app

Plant Parent,
Meet Your Plantsitter

We know what it's like to trust someone with your plants and/or garden. They're your babies! We get it. You want them to be cared for the SAME way you do. And you can; you can input all your needs, watering amounts, and details of each plant on your profile. This way, when a Plantsitter is caring for them, they'll know what each plant needs!
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