October 20, 2021

Who can watch my plants now that I want to travel/go on vacation?

It's safe to say that 2020 was a year many started buying plants. Some of us started our plant journey; some got back into it; some became masters at it. COVID-19 really got us back to our roots (no pun intended) -- for those who fell off the "plant journey" before COVID.

Now that the world slowly opening back up, airlines have full flights, flight prices are going up, hotels are becoming full, restaurants are filled with chatter, and people are hugging and kissing one another. It's amazing to see everyone gathering together again! But wait, what about all the plants inside our homes?

Don't fret. Watering Can™ is here to the rescue!

If you want to go out of town, and need someone to water your plants, just download our app on the AppStore and find someone that can care for your plants. Our app is easy and you're able to indicate which plants need water - how much - where they're located - and even write their name (if they have one).

Remember if you are too worried about someone coming into your home, you are more than welcomed to meet them beforehand to see your comfort level. Or bring your plants to them!

On the contrary, if you are wanting to make some extra income, this is your perfect side gig! You can work your own hours, schedules, and meet more plants. Download our app on the AppStore and make sure you set your account up so people can start hiring you!

Happy Watering!

-Watering Can

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