October 12, 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Plants Keep Dying

Having some trouble keeping your houseplants alive? Not sure what's going on? Caring for plants calls for a lot of care and effort, and sometimes it can be difficult. No need to fret, we have some helpful tips we want to share with you. Let us help you save your plant children.

Reason #1: You placed your plant in the wrong location.

Most potted plants should be placed appropriately where the sunlight hits the plant real well. Light is like food for plants. You can water and give enough nutrients to plants but sunlight is key. Tip: If it’s growing but the new growth is pale and flimsy, it’s probably not getting enough light.

Reason #2: You May Be Watering Your Plants The Wrong Way

Poor watering habits exist. We all get over excited about the plants in our home and we want to do everything possible to make sure they flourish and overwatering is the biggest habit many plant owners may take for granted. Make sure to look into each plant you own and see what appropriate amount of water is necessary. Some plants need water only once a week while others may need it more often.

Tip: Just because your neighbor's Alocasia only needs X amount of water doesn't mean yours does too. All conditions of a plant's home differs so taking some time to see what your plant needs is important! It's like making a new friend - it takes some times to figure each other out, learn about one another, and finding what makes them tick! ;)

Reason #3: Too Much Fertilizer

Too much fertilizer can burn the roots of your plants. Signs of over-fertilization include stunted growth, burned or dried leaf margins, wilting and collapse or death of plants. You don’t have to fertilize a plant until it’s showing signs of needing it: Lack of new growth, new leaves that are pale with green veins, or new leaves that never grow to the same size as the old ones. Most potting soils come with plenty of organic material or added fertilizer, and won’t need additional fertilizer for a long time.

Tip: Be sure to follow instructions on the fertilizer package and when in doubt use less than recommended.

Reason #4: Air Is Too Dry

Plants are really helpful when keeping the air clean as they require it to survive. Contaminated air can affect and stunt the growth of your plants. Air purifiers can make a positive difference in plants. Low humidity as well can cause heat stress in certain plants. Be sure to see if your plant can take dry heat or not. Many succulents and wooded stemmed plants don’t need as much humidity.

Reason #5: Your Plant Isn’t Really Dead

Even when you think your plant may have breathed its last breath many plants can regrow from damage and trauma. For example: did you know many tropical plants can go dormant during the winter and many owners assume it for dead when it’s just taking a long hibernating nap. If the plant looks dead/dying be sure to trim or cut off the dead parts of the plant carefully.

Remember to keep yourself in the know when it comes to caring for your plants. Love and care is what matters here for your plant children.

Watering Can wants all Plant Parents to feel comfortable when they go out of town, or become too busy to care for them. We are the perfect app for you to utilize when you want some care. Our app is coming soon, so watch out for it, and download it to start living your life to the fullest.

-Watering Can

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