October 18, 2022

How to Transition Your Plants From Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Plants from Summer to Fall 2022

First thing: don't sweat it.

As we transition from summer to fall, there will be many changes to your routine, the clothes you wear, heck – even your skin and body might feel the difference!

Your plants are NO different. So before we jump into it, it’s important we preface that even the most experienced plant parents will have plant-related casualties during the switching of seasons.

The first step and probably the most important is to plan ahead. This could be anything from decreasing how often you water, decreasing your fertilization schedule, bringing your plants inside, or even moving plants closer to the windows to get more sunlight.

Typically, we experience less light and less warmth in the winter. So, once you can identify which plants need more water and more sun, or less water and less sun, you can determine how to place them in your home. Start by placing the plants that need more sun closer to the window, east-facing window preferably, and the plants that need less sun further away from the window, typically a West/South/North window.

Similarly, we might turn on the heater more frequently. Which can affect the humidity levels in your home quite drastically. If possible, using a humidifier around your plants can help preserve their life.

And lastly, please keep in mind that you're not the only one experiencing changes through the changing seasons, be easy on yourself and your plants! You're both trying as hard as you can! It’s normal to have plant casualties during changing seasons. 

Written by Ivy Moran
Watering Can®

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