October 10, 2021

Best Houseplants for Clean Air

Whether sleeping, binging Netflix, or working in an office, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And that time spent inside exposes us to indoor air pollution.

When it comes to removing toxins from the air, the bigger the plant and its leaves, the better its ability to purify the environment. How many plants do you need to achieve fresh, healthy air? The answer lies in many factors, such as the types of furniture and carpet used and their ages, whether smoking occurs on the premises, and how well the dwelling is sealed. Start with one or two plants and see where your quest for a healthy atmosphere takes you when you grow these air-purifying plants.

Here are a few plants you can start with:

1.  Purple Waffle Plant2. Wax Plant3. English Ivy 4. Nerve Plant5. Weeping Fig Although it would take filling your home or office with ridiculously massive amounts of foliage to impact high levels, indoor plants can still improve your air quality.

Indoor plants can

  • reduce irritation to eyes, ears, nose and throat
  • prevent or ease coughing and congestion
  • lower your stress
  • boost your attention capacity

Although plants aren’t a substitute for adequate ventilation and healthy indoor air quality, in the meantime, you can grab some benefit from the above houseplants.

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