June 6, 2022

5 Highly Recommended Houseplants to have for Spring/Summer 2022

Let me tell you something quite… controversial. Most houseplants are not native to where we buy them. So when you’re enjoying your Sunday-stroll-buying-fenzy, and you buy a plant or two at your local nursery, chances are that plant was actually imported or manipulated to withstand the conditions in which you live. But to not worry, that plant is just happy you picked it up to begin with!

By the same token, plants don’t naturally grow indoors (us humans just do that because we think it ‘looks good’). So, it’s extremely important to understand the unique behaviors your plant might have (read our blog: 5 Reasons why your Plants keep Dying). 

We have created a list of 5 highly recommended houseplants to have for spring/summer 2022 so that you and your plant can live and thrive together. 

Here we go!

Monstera Deliciosa- First on our list must be the infamous Monstera Deliciosa. This plant can grow indoors, or out, and typically blooms in the summertime. If you’re living in an area that gets a bit warmer and wetter in the spring, you’ll notice an increase in growth. That’s because you’re mimicking this plant’s native environment– sunny, tropical areas such as Central America.

The Snake Plant- This plant is an oldie but a goodie, and is a definite YAAASSS when it comes to springtime. These little love bugs are so forgiving, and although rumor has it that they are ‘low-light’ plants, you wouldn’t believe the growth they will get from being in the sunshine!

Poths- Next we have Pothos– they are jaw droppers and trailing beauties. From Golden Pothos, to Neon Pothos, to Manjula Pothos, they are winners for spring 2022 in our book! They are on the ‘low-maintenance’ side of the spectrum, so you can forget about them for quite some time before you see any signs of withering. BONUS– they are quite communicative! When they need watering, typically, the leaves will drop just slightly– how simple!

Philodendrons- A plant with many of the same characteristics as our previous plant, and next on our list, Philodendrons. They’ll communicate when they need a little something extra, and will complement any bookshelf, window pane, or even your office desk. Heart-leaf and Brazil are two of the most-common philodendrons, but not shy in beauty and are SO easy to propagate to share with friends!

Succulents- And last on our list, succulents. Put them outside and they’ll bloom all spring long and can withstand very little water in most climates. String of hearts is one of our favorites, next to the ghost plant, and best of all– they are NOT hard to find at nurseries!

Written by Ivy Moran

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