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How to Transition Your Plants From Summer to Fall

As we transition from summer to fall, there will be many changes to your routine, the clothes you wear, heck – even your skin and body might feel the difference! We tell you a few ways to transition, prep, and be ready for colder days.

How To Save Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree From Dying

If you’re worried about your wonderful plant parent abilities because your Fiddle Leaf Fig is dying on you, and you’d rather buy a faux, plastic tree, we want to tell you two things: 1. Everyone (mostly) has this issue. 2. It’s not you, it’s them.

5 Highly Recommended Houseplants to have for Spring/Summer 2022

We have created a list of 5 highly recommended houseplants to have for spring/summer 2022 so that you and your plant can live and thrive together.

Monstera Mondays!

Have you ever heard of 'Monstera Mondays' ? Well, here's some care tips on Monsteras!

Can Plants Feel Pain?

“Do plants feel pain?” is a fair question, but the answer is a bit complicated. Dr. Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh, professor of biology at the University of Washington, says it might come down to linguistics.

10 Outdoor Plants That Can Survive Your Garden For Winter

It’s getting chilly and many of us green thumbs love tending to our gardens all throughout spring and summer but it shouldn’t have to end there. Here are some plants that thrive during the brisk winter season.

10 Non-Toxic Plants For Those With Pets

Plants can help add life and color into any room. On top of that, studies have shown that adding house plants into your living space can also help boost your mood and increase productivity. Not to mention, adding plants into your space can help reduce toxins in the air, making it less likely you'll fall ill with a cold. However, if you have pets or children, it is important to know what plants are safe to have in your home.

Best Houseplants for Clean Air

Whether sleeping, binging Netflix, or working in an office, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And that time spent inside exposes us to indoor air pollution.

What You Need To Start Your Own Garden

“Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors.” - Oscar de la Renta. For many, growing flowers, herbs, fruits and all can be so rewarding but it takes a lot of love and care as well. But if you’re reading this clearly it means you’re ready. So let’s take a small dive into some basic Gardening 101 tips!

5 Best Houseplants for Beginners

Looking to start your own plant family? You’ve come to the right place. The following are some great house plant suggestions that will thrive in your home while very easy to care for.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Plants Keep Dying

Having some trouble keeping your houseplants alive? Not sure what's going on? Caring for plants calls for a lot of care and effort, and sometimes it can be difficult. No need to fret, we have some helpful tips we want to share with you. Let us help you save your plant children.

Who can watch my plants now that I want to travel/go on vacation?

It's safe to say that 2020 was a year many started buying plants. Some of us started our plant journey; some got back into it; some became masters at it. COVID-19 really got us back to our roots (no pun intended) -- for those who fell off the "plant journey" before COVID.

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