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"Provide a peace of mind to all plant parents to live life to the fullest"
Whether you're busy with work, family, or life, know that Watering Can is here to help. We know how much your plants and gardens mean to you.
Helen Choi Padilla
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Hello, I'm Helen Choi Padilla!

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How I Started
Watering Can

I had a vacation planned for 2 weeks but found myself not knowing who will care for my plants. I scrambled and managed to find a friend to help out. But it got me thinking... "Am I the only person with this problem?" I definitely had been there where I'd come home to either a dead plant, plants, or garden. Or all of the above.

And that's when Watering Can™ was born. I created a a space for Plant Parents to meet other Plant Lovers to help each other out. I wanted every Plant Parent's worry to be down the drain and be rest assured that they'll still be alive when they return home. I know how much joy these babies bring to us! So making sure they're in good hands is important.

Not only that, but I wanted to provide a space for any horticulture lover to make money while they do what they love. Watering plants/garden for money? Yes, please!
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